We Are Sisterhood: The Friendship Table

We Are Sisterhood: The Friendship Table

7 Episodes

There is nothing like gathering around a table with friends! Join Hillsong Sisterhood as they do just that. Hosted by Bobbie Houston and friends they take time for the things worthy of conversation. The wisdom here will help you navigate the big and small things in this uncertain world.

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We Are Sisterhood: The Friendship Table
  • The Power of Remembrance

    Episode 1

    Pastor Bobbie leads the very first Friendship Table around the power of remembrance, and the blessing it brings. In a time where many have become isolated and have withdrawn, Bobbie encourages us as followers of Christ not to forget who we are, whose we are and why we are here.

  • Psalm 23

    Episode 2

    Pastor Bobbie shares on the encapsulated breadth of life with God from Psalm 23. Joined by pastors and friends, they each reflect how it brought them guidance. These revelations have come from all seasons of life, so no matter where you find yourself there is something here to help you.

  • Make A Longer Table

    Episode 3

    In a world where it is very easy to get consumed with our own lives, the ladies around the Friendship Table take time to help bring focus to others. They share their thoughts on what it means to extend their table to others and be disciple makers.

  • The Importance of Generations

    Episode 4

    Lead by Young and Free Pastor, Laura Toganinvalu, the talk around this Friendship Table is about the importance of generations and the richness of doing life intentionally with those older and younger than us. No matter your age, this is a conversation full of wisdom that you can apply to your life.

  • Age & All That Stuff Pt 1

    Episode 5

    Pastor Bobbie leads this Friendship Table, starting a new series on “age and all that stuff”. In a world that is obsessed with youthfulness, the heart of this conversation is to help everyone navigate age with wisdom and grace and approach it with a Godly perspective.

  • Age & All That Stuff Pt 2

    Episode 6

    Pastor Bobbie leads another Friendship Table around “age and all that stuff”. This episode takes a different spin, and they dive into the thought of age being a privilege as well as touching on diversity and inclusion.

  • Age & All That Stuff Pt 3

    Episode 7

    Aging is something that affects us all. Join Bobbie Houston and Pastors Laura, Nicola and Jess as they share from the perspective of the younger generation. They remind us about the importance to mentor the next generation and guide them in Godly values.