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What Do You See?

What Do You See?

3 Seasons

We all need light for living. In this series, Robert Fergusson gives insight, wisdom and practical instruction on how to live a life that pleases God.

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What Do You See?
  • The Village

    Episode 1

    What we believe about our identity and our origins will inevitably determine how we live. Life is a Journey, a Quest, and The Journey of the Soul begins in the Village of our Identity. Robert Fergusson guides our pilgrimage and teachers us the necessity of understanding who we are in order to kno...

  • The Road
    Episode 2

    The Road

    Episode 2

    Life is a Journey of the Soul. In order to begin our journey we must know our calling. In this episode our guide, Robert Fergusson, provides practical steps to help you discover your calling and step out on the road towards your destiny.

  • The Forest

    Episode 3

    You've started your soul journey and stepped out onto the road of your calling. Now, you come to your first challenge, the Forest of Doubt. It is here that you feel uncertain and alone. In this episode Robert Fergusson reveals the lessons of the forest and what to do when you find yourself doubti...

  • The Sea
    Episode 4

    The Sea

    Episode 4

    Every quest story involves is a point of no return, a kind of sea crossing. It was true of the children of Israel and it's true for us. In our journey towards God we must cross the sea and commit fully to following him in order to reach our destiny.

  • The Mountain

    Episode 5

    In the Bible and in literature, mountains represent challenges. When Israel came to the Mountain of Sinai it was a critical part of their journey. Their behaviour at the mountain shaped the rest of their story. The same is true of you and I. When we face or overcome challenges in our lives, what ...

  • The Desert

    Episode 6

    Each of us have tough seasons in our lives, dry places, desert episodes. Why does God allows us to go through difficulties? And why deserts? In this episode our guide, Robert Fergusson, leads us through the desert and teaches us the necessity of tough times.