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Worship by Hillsong

Worship by Hillsong

6 Seasons

Join Hillsong for worship in this one-hour journey through Hillsong's praise and worship music.

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Worship by Hillsong
  • Compilation 1 - Featuring 'Prince of Peace'

    Episode 1

    Join Niyah Rahmaan in the studio as she takes us through the best of Hillsong’s music. You will hear music from Hillsong United, Hillsong Worship and Hillsong Y&F. Powerful music to worship along with.

  • Compilation 2 - Featuring 'Relentless'

    Episode 2

    Join Niyah Rahmaan in the studio as she introduces some of your favourite worship music from Hillsong music including “Relentless” from UNITED, Young & Free’s “Sinking Deep” and “Cornerstone” from Hillsong Worship.

  • Compilation 3 - Featuring Best of UNITED

    Episode 3

    Sing along to some of your favorite Hillsong United Worship songs including "Oh you bring", “Bones”, “Go”, “The Stand” and “With Everything”.

  • Compilation 4 - Featuring 'Elohim'

    Episode 4

    Join Niyah Rahmaan in the studio with some amazing praise and worship from Hillsong. Look forward to hearing “Elohim”, “When The Fight Calls”, “Oceans” and much more.

  • Compilation 5 - Featuring Best of Hillsong Music

    Episode 5

    Sing along to the sounds of worship from the best of Hillsong music with songs including “Solution”, “Face to Face”, “Open Heaven” and “Real Love”.

  • Compilation 7 - Featuring 'One Thing'

    Episode 6

    Join Hillsong Worship, Hillsong United and Young & Free as they sing some of your favorite songs including “Rule” and “Relentless” from United, “Crowns” and “One Thing” from Hillsong Worship and “Where You Are” from Young & Free.

  • Compilation 8 - Featuring 'Look to the Son'

    Episode 7

    Join Niyah Rahmaan in the studio for the best from Hillsong music including the live recording of “Look to the Son” at Hillsong Conference 2016, and “Only Wanna Sing” by Y&F.

  • Compilation 9 - A Special Acoustic Collection

    Episode 8

    Join us for an acoustic set of beautiful worship with songs including “What a Beautiful Name” and “You” from Hillsong Worship, Y&F’s “Falling into You”, and “Even when it Hurts” from Hillsong United.