Worship by Hillsong

Worship by Hillsong

7 Seasons

Join Hillsong for praise and worship in these compilations of beautiful and powerful songs from Hillsong Worship, UNITED and Young & Free.

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Worship by Hillsong
  • Compilation 1 - Featuring 'Who You Say I Am'

    Episode 1

    Join us for beautiful worship from Hillsong United at Hillsong Conference, Hillsong Worship at our Worship and Creative Conference and Hillsong Y&F performing with Chris Tomlin at Hillsong Conference.

  • Compilation 2 - Featuring 'So Will I'

    Episode 2

    Hillsong United takeover this episode with an acoustic session and live worship with songs such as: So Will I, Not Today, Scandal of Grace and Go.

  • Compilation 3 - Featuring 'Be Still'

    Episode 3

    Worship with Hillsong United, Hillsong Young & Free and Hillsong Worship with songs like “One Way”, “Be Still” and “This is Living”. 

  • Compilation 4 - Featuring 'God So Loved'

    Episode 4

    Join us for a Hillsong Worship takeover with beautiful acoustic worship, a few classics and live worship including the Grammy award winning “What A Beautiful Name”.

  • Compilation 5 - Featuring 'Wonder'

    Episode 5

    Join us for beautiful praise and worship with Hillsong United, including songs like “So Will I” and “Wonder”. We also hear “Peace” and “Let Go” from Hillsong Young & Free.

  • Compilation 6 - Featuring 'Every Little Thing'

    Episode 6

    Join Niyah Rahmaan in the studio for a mix of some classic Hillsong Worship and Hillsong Young & Free songs. Featuring Hillsong Young & Free’s “Just Jesus”, “Let Go” and the acoustic version of “Real Love”.

  • Compilation 7 - Featuring 'Rememberance'

    Episode 7

    Niyah Rahmaan brings you some of our favourite songs such as Hillsong Worship’s “Be Still”, “Remembrance”, “The Passion” and, also, “Hindsight” from Hillsong Young & Free.

  • Compilation 8 - Featuring 'Valentine'

    Episode 8

    Join us for beautiful praise and worship with Hillsong United, Hillsong Worship and Young & Free including classics like “One Way”, “Heart of God’ and “Valentine”.

  • Compilation 9 - Featuring 'New Wine'

    Episode 9

    Niyah Rahmaan is here to bring you some of the best from Hillsong music including Hillsong Worship’s “New Wine”, “Remembrance”, “The Passion” and, from Hillsong Young & Free, “Highs and Lows”.

  • Compilation 10 - Featuring 'Let Go'

    Episode 10

    In this episode, Niyah Rahmaan hosts a Hillsong Young & Free take-over. Featuring some of our favourites including, “Let Go”, “Touch of Heaven”, “Never Alone”, “Falling Into You” and many more!