Worship & Creative Conference 2017

Worship & Creative Conference 2017

4 Seasons

This collection is for creatives across all disciplines to steal away from the ordinary and create space to encounter Jesus. The goal is simple… to glorify God in all we do and to empower you to creatively fulfil His call in this generation.

Get full access to 2017’s conference! Hear from Pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston, Cass Langton and Robert Ferguson in the main arena, catch Unboxed sessions including Rich Langton and Jay Argaet, practical masterclasses and more!

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Worship & Creative Conference 2017
  • Duncan Corby

    Episode 1

    Join Academic Dean Duncan Corby for this 13 minute talk as he reflects on the concept of beauty. Duncan compares various philosophical approaches to beauty and expands on our modern approach to what we find beautiful. The inherent quality of beauty is to point beyond itself to the divine. 

  • Gabriel Kelly

    Episode 2

    Hillsong Creative Pastor, Gabe Kelly, shares openly and honestly about his struggle with depression a few years ago and how doctors advised him to separate what he felt from reality. As creative people, we need to separate what we feel, what’s real and look inside to see what God has placed in us.

  • Richard Langton

    Episode 3

    Creative Pastor Rich Langton discusses the various fears people have and gives an account of all the biblical figures who struggled with fear. Rich encourages us with the fact that God lifts us up and carries us through our fears and give us a new perspective.

  • Jay Argaet

    Episode 4

    We hear from Hillsong’s Art and Communications Director Jay Argaet as he speaks about his greatest strength according to the Strength Finders Test – empathy. Jay challenges us to have a heart for the hurting and the lost, and to use our creativity to communicate Jesus to the unsaved. He believes ...