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The Worship Leader & Music Director Relationship


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  • Prophetic Worship Leading

    In this session we hear from Hillsong Worship who share around preparing to lead prophetically and being spirit-led in worship. These different worship leaders and songwriters all have different approaches, but are ultimately working towards the same goal: to worship God and connect people with Him.

  • Introducing New Songs

    An insightful session from Hillsong Worship as they discuss the importance of a new song and how to introduce it to the congregation. They talk about what to do when your pastor introduces a new song and wants you to play it, and what to do if some of the team don’t know how to play the song, eve...

  • Theology of Songwriting

    Pastors Robert and Amanda Fergusson talk about the importance of correct theology in worship songs. They unpack imagery and scriptural context of song lyrics, emphasising that songwriters should make it easy for people to agree with their theology, keep the meaning of the verse they’re referencin...