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Watch this video and more on Hillsong Channel NOW

JP Starra in the White Chair

Worship & Creative Conference 2017, Season 4, Episode 12 • 2m 0s


  • Gabriel Kelly in the White Chair

    Join us for this episode of the “White Chair” session with Gabriel Kelly as he talks about seasons of transition; a creative life evolves with the different seasons of life and looks different in each season.

  • Amanda Fergusson in the White Chair

    We are in the “White Chair” with Amanda Fergusson as she explores what the purpose of creativity is and how to worship through difficult seasons.

  • Harrison Wood in the White Chair

    In this session of the “White Chair” we hear from Harrison Wood as he explains how failure is all a part of the creative process. Doubting yourself is part of the journey and all of us go through it; setbacks can actually help you get better at your craft.