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Watch this video and more on Hillsong Channel NOW

Ben Fielding in the White Chair

Worship & Creative Conference 2017, Season 4, Episode 17 • 3m 8s


  • River Bennett in the White Chair

    We hear from River Bennett in this episode of the “White Chair” session as she talks about how to create space in order to collaborate with the Holy Spirit.

  • Laura Toggs in the White Chair

    In the “White Chair” is Laura Toggs who talks about waiting for God. The presence of God is worth the wait; to bring authentic worship takes a moment to step outside of your world and its distractions to give a long, loving look at God.

  • Rolf Wam Fjell in the White Chair

    Join us for the “White Chair” session with Rolf Wam Fjell as he talks about how drumming itself doesn’t change much but attaching it to the purposes of God helps him minister to people using his gift. Rolf also talks about operating in spiritual authority.