Worship & Creative Conference 2017

Worship & Creative Conference 2017

4 Seasons

This collection is for creatives across all disciplines to steal away from the ordinary and create space to encounter Jesus. The goal is simple… to glorify God in all we do and to empower you to creatively fulfil His call in this generation.

Get full access to 2017’s conference! Hear from Pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston, Cass Langton and Robert Ferguson in the main arena, catch Unboxed sessions including Rich Langton and Jay Argaet, practical masterclasses and more!

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Worship & Creative Conference 2017
  • Nicole "Noodle" Scott in the White Chair

    Episode 1

    We talk to Nicole "Noodle" Scott in this session of the “White Chair” who shares about finding God amongst the mundane and routine of everyday work. 

  • Jamin Tasker in the White Chair

    Episode 2

    We hear from Jamin Tasker in this session of the “White Chair”.  Jamin expands on how to understand what the story is that you are trying to tell and what God’s purpose in it is. Jamin also touches on the importance and benefits of collaboration.

  • Richard Langton in the White Chair

    Episode 3

    Rich Langton is in the “White Chair” as he talks about looking to God for creative inspiration, the intent of art to bring God glory and the unseen hard work it takes to bring something of worth that represents God well.

  • Annie Garratt in the White Chair

    Episode 4

    Annie Garratt is in the “White Chair” talking about how leading worship is always different; we need to ask God to empower us with His ability.

  • Tony Irving in the White Chair

    Episode 5

    We are in the “White Chair” with photographer Tony Irving who talks about how he perceives the Holy Spirit through the lens of a camera.

  • Leanne Thomas in the White Chair

    Episode 6

    We are in the “White Chair” with artist Leanne Thomas. She shares how she cannot separate her work from her relationship with God because she believes that she was created for this very purpose and so spends time with God before and during every art piece she creates.