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Worship & Creative Conference 2018

Worship & Creative Conference 2018

3 Seasons

Hillsong Worship & Creative Conference is for anyone who finds themselves in any form of creative discipline. Our prayer is that as we celebrate our God-given creativity, we would not only empower you in your gift but also use it to bring God glory and move the Church forward.
The 2018 conference centres around the theme of ‘Ascent’… a journey with God and toward God. Be inspired by this collection of main sessions, creative sessions and practical co-labs, as you connect with God and all He has placed within you.

Worship & Creative Conference 2018
  • Creative Compass

    Episode 1

    Join us in the main auditorium of Worship and Creative Conference 2018, as Rich Langton and the Hillsong Creative Team lay out eight points for living life as Kingdom-minded creatives.

  • Welcome To My Studio - River Bennett

    Episode 2

    In this episode, River Bennet, a photographer and co-founder of “The First Hello”, brings us into her studio and shares her journey with visual arts. She articulates her passion for capturing truth and inspires all artists to get creating because God’s anointing will be on them when they collabor...

  • Welcome To My Studio - Noodle Scott

    Episode 3

    In this session, Laura Toggs interviews Pastor Bobbie Houston and Noodle Scott, a graphic designer and Hillsong Church Art Director. Bobbie and Noodle discuss everything from unexpected challenges with projects, to their creative and collaborative relationship. Noodle shares her insight about bri...

  • Welcome To My Studio - Casey Scott

    Episode 4

    Take a look into the studio of Casey Scott, Head Renovator and Designer at Kinwolf. He shares about the start of his designing career and the obstacles he has overcome along the way.

  • Welcome To My Studio - Salomon Ligthelm

    Episode 5

    In this session of Worship and Creative Conference 2018, Gabe Kelly interviews Salomon Ligthelm, a Film Director, about his passion for film. Salomon discusses the importance of knowing how to communicate with others, how to serve a vision and how to balance family and his career.

  • The Others - Part 1

    Episode 6

    Part one of “The Others” includes an interview, conducted by Brooke Ligertwood, with Sean Feucht about his experience using his creative gifts to serve others and bring the gospel into closed nations around the world.

  • The Others - Part 2

    Episode 7

    “The Others” continues with Pastor Cass Langton, as she hosts a panel discussion about how to use creative gifts to serve others and how to implement practical change in the world around you.

  • From The Road Cases

    Episode 8

    Listen into a session at Worship and Creative Conference 2018, where Nathan Finochio light-heartedly interviews the Hillsong Creative team about their creative journeys.