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Watch this video and more on Hillsong Channel NOW

Welcome To My Studio - River Bennett



  • Welcome To My Studio - Noodle Scott

    In this session, Laura Toggs interviews Pastor Bobbie Houston and Noodle Scott, a graphic designer and Hillsong Church Art Director. Bobbie and Noodle discuss everything from unexpected challenges with projects, to their creative and collaborative relationship. Noodle shares her insight about bri...

  • Welcome To My Studio - Casey Scott

    Take a look into the studio of Casey Scott, Head Renovator and Designer at Kinwolf. He shares about the start of his designing career and the obstacles he has overcome along the way.

  • Welcome To My Studio - Salomon Ligthelm

    In this session of Worship and Creative Conference 2018, Gabe Kelly interviews Salomon Ligthelm, a Film Director, about his passion for film. Salomon discusses the importance of knowing how to communicate with others, how to serve a vision and how to balance family and his career.