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Worship & Creative Conference 2019

Worship & Creative Conference 2019

3 Seasons

Do you find yourself in some form of creative discipline? Or would like to be? Then Hillsong Worship & Creative Conference is for you. It’s for anyone who wants to use their creative gifts and tools to bring glory to God and share the message of Jesus. The 2019 conference is centred around the theme “Clarity” inspired from Matthew 5:8… “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God”. Breathe to life all God has instilled within you as you sit under the incredible teaching and practical co-labs from this year’s conference.

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Worship & Creative Conference 2019
  • Genesis Week

    Episode 1

    Join this Co-Lab from Worship and Creative Conference 2019 where people from all spheres of life talk about their genesis week - their encounter with God, the process of growing in faith, the struggles and dark times, and the goodness of God.

  • The Others

    Episode 2

    Join this interview style Co-Lab from Worship and Creative Conference 2019 as we hear how a heart for people together with a product can be something that helps others. We speak to three people with very different pasts, who use their creativity for God’s kingdom.

  • Thinking Well

    Episode 3

    Join these 16 professionals from theology, to psychology, to creative artists as they discuss mental health, living in your calling and creating for God and with God. This Co-Lab is led by Ben Fielding and Chrishan Jayarathnam, on the bench we have Pastor Robert Fergusson, Taya Gaukrodger, Laura ...