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Worship & Creative Conference 2019

Worship & Creative Conference 2019

3 Seasons

Do you find yourself in some form of creative discipline? Or would like to be? Then Hillsong Worship & Creative Conference is for you. It’s for anyone who wants to use their creative gifts and tools to bring glory to God and share the message of Jesus. The 2019 conference is centred around the theme “Clarity” inspired from Matthew 5:8… “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God”. Breathe to life all God has instilled within you as you sit under the incredible teaching and practical co-labs from this year’s conference.

Worship & Creative Conference 2019
  • Prophetic Worship with Brooke Ligertwood

    Episode 1

    Jump into a Co-Lab at Worship and Creative Conference 2019 with Brooke Ligertwood. In this session, Brooke teaches and speaks on prophetic worship in the church. Brooke provides insight, inspiration and scripture to explore this topic.

  • What is Worship with Robert Fergusson

    Episode 2

    Join Pastor Robert Fergusson in this Co-Lab at Worship and Creative Conference 2019. Robert challenges us to think of worship outside the realm of music. He redefines, challenges and explores the definition and nature of worship.

  • Healing Service with Chris Mendez

    Episode 3

    Pastor Chris Mendez, from Hillsong Latin America, leads a healing service at Worship and Creative Conference 2019. Pray with Chris as he believes and intercedes for healing.

  • Friendship & Ministry with Bobbie Houston, Cass Langton, Hannah Hobbs & More

    Episode 4

    Take a seat at the table at Worship and Creative Conference 2019, with Senior Pastor Bobbie Houston, Cass Langton, Laura Toggs and others from the Hillsong family. Listen as these women find answers to questions about friendship and doing life together in ministry.

  • Open Doors with Mike Gore & Team

    Episode 5

    This Co-Lab at Worship and Creative Conference 2019 is hosted by Mike Gore, the CEO of Open Doors. Mike discusses the mission of Open Doors and shares more about his own story and journey in life.

  • Pioneering: Church Building When You Have Nothing - Steven Dixon & Reuben Morgan

    Episode 6

    Gain insight into the struggles and joys that come with building and planting churches around the world with Steve Dixon, Pastor of Hillsong Queensland, and Reuben Morgan, Hillsong Pastor in Liverpool, England. Listen as they share their wisdom and answer big questions about pioneering church at ...

  • Producing a Feature-Length Doco with Ben Field, Caz Bamford & Frankie Du Toit

    Episode 7

    Want to see what goes into creating a film? In this Co-Lab, Ben Field, head of Film and Television at Hillsong Church, and his team give a sneak peek into the making of a feature-length documentary. Listen to their entertaining stories and fun facts around the production of this movie.

  • Artists Still Live Here with Hannah Hobbs, Ben Hastings & More

    Episode 8

    Join the conversation about artists with Pastor Hannah Hobbs and Benjamin Hastings. From Worship and Creative Conference 2019, they discuss their relationship with Jesus and all the struggles, rewards and challenges that come with the creative process.

  • The Leader in 'Worship Leader' with Taya Gaukrodger & Friends

    Episode 9

    What does it mean to lead worship while being led by the Holy Spirit? In this Co-Lab, Taya Goukrodger, Shekeinah Hill and Katie Dodson have a conversation about the ins and outs, unwritten rules and challenges of leading worship. Listen in for insightful observations and stories from their own ex...

  • Marriage and Ministry with Donna & Stephen Crouch

    Episode 10

    Pastor Donna Crouch and her husband Stephen share stories from their life about marriage and working in ministry. Join the Worship and Creative Conference 2019 Co-Lab and hear more about the challenges, rewards and joys they have shared over the years.

  • Writing Lyrics with Joel Houston, Ben Hastings & More

    Episode 11

    Want to sit-in with the songwriters? Join Pastors Ben Hastings, Joel Houston, Reuben Morgan and Amanda and Robert Fergusson in this Co-Lab on songwriting. These experienced writers talk about teamwork, struggles in finding the right words, reliance on the Holy Spirit and understanding each other ...

  • Executing Worship on Sundays with Jad Gillies & JD

    Episode 12

    Leading a congregation has its challenges. In this Co-Lab, learn some practical tips and hear encouraging stories about how to better lead your congregation in worship on a Sunday morning from JD and Jad Gillies of Hillsong Worship.

  • Writing Memorable Melodies with Emotional Impact - Reuben Morgan & Matt Crocker

    Episode 13

    Join this Co-Lab from Worship and Creative Conference 2019 to learn more about songwriting from the experts. Ben Hastings converses with Matt Crocker and Reuben Morgan about writing melodies, finding inspiration and even answers questions from the audience.

  • The Touring Vocalist with JD, Jad Gillies & Renee Sieff

    Episode 14

    Being a worship leader can create tension on your vocal chords. Listen in to this Co-Lab from Worship and Creative Conference 2019 to learn more tips and tricks about how to better care for your voice. JD, Jad Gillies and Renee Sieff talk about taking care of their voice when on tour, while vocal...

  • Advertising: The Church with Jay Argaet & Team

    Episode 15

    Need inspiration around design, branding and bold ideas? Jay Argaet, the Art and Communications Director at Hillsong Church, and his team walk through their creative process and design, teamwork and collaboration, and where the Holy Spirit fits into all of it. Join this creative Co-Lab from Worsh...